Moving forward through a crisis

Moving forward through a crisis

COVID has disrupted your lives and business. I’m right there with you.

I formed Capen Media last year to help people with their digital needs. Capen Media assisted in building websites, social media marketing, and raising awareness for new campaigns. It was never my main job, nor was I making much money from it. Still, I did it because I liked helping clients, people, and friends with initiatives they didn’t know how to do themselves. Helping them made Capen Media better, and together we would move forward.

Fate and circumstance figure largely into our lives. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Capen Media will be my main focus in the future.

There may be many of you reading this trying to figure out how to stay in business during a time of social distancing and isolation. Building a sustainable digital platform is a way for you to do that. My business model relies on using existing professional development programs to help keep your costs down. Together, we can scale up your digital platform to make it more accessible very quickly with incurring a massive bill.

From now until April 15, I’m offering all new clients a locked-in rate of 20 percent off standard pricing for the lifetime of our agreement.

I recognize that these are extraordinary circumstances, and you may not be in a position to finance a digital upgrade. I get it. Even still, shoot me a message if you need help, because earning your trust and confidence will always be more important than a check, both now and in the future.

Let’s move forward together.

Be well,

Mark Ciemcioch
Capen Media, Owner and Founder