New goals for the new year

New goals for the new year

Every new year tends to mark a fresh start for ourselves. While many people are focused on setting new resolutions for themselves to eat better, get in shape, or read more, it’s also an opportunity to reassess goals and improvements for your small business or side hustle. Here are some tips on how you can evaluate your online marketing for the new year.

Update your website: When was the last time you looked at your website? It’s easy to fall into the trap of setting it up and then ignoring it, but even if you have an “evergreen” site, the new year is an excellent time to look at it again to see if there’s anything that can be updated. Post a new blog, make sure there isn’t any outdated event information still on there, and even changing a picture or two can bring a fresh look to your site. Also, look at your site’s traffic to see what keywords are bringing people to your business, then make sure those keywords are appropriately integrated into the backend and in content. Every time you give people a reason to come back to your website, you are serving your loyal audience and customers, and potentially creating new ones.

Create a content calendar: Have you received any of those paper calendars for the new year, even if you never asked for it and didn’t plan on using it? Instead of tossing it, use it to create your content calendar and plan out what your year looks like. A content calendar includes a plan for new website content, email marketing, events, and social media posts. Map out what your year looks like for updates, whether it’s once a day, a week, or month, and don’t forget to leave time to analyze post performance. Having a schedule plan moving forward will save you time in the long term.

Post on social media: Many of your current and potential audience members are using social media frequently to check for updates, so checking into whatever platforms you’re using is an excellent way to remind them you’re still working. Have a longterm content calendar is good, but you can also post anytime you want if the inspiration strikes, or there’s something in the news that connects to your business.

Focus on a new approach: It seems like there are new digital marketing trends all the time that it can be overwhelming for one person. Today it’s SEO marketing, landing pages, and videos; tomorrow, it’s something else entirely, and you’re having a hard time learning the skills to keep up. Instead of trying to be a jack of all trades and a master of none, focus on one new marketing tool to learn and develop this year. It can be creating video, tracking your analytics and conversion rates, or even improving your social media graphics, whatever you feel is necessary and achievable. One of the benefits of the modern Internet is that there are many free or low-cost resources to help teach you these new skills, so search Google and YouTube for insightful tutorials. Spend a few months learning the basics and experimenting online; there’s a good chance you’ll improve significantly at it by the end of the year, grow your audience and business, and have a new skill for your toolbox.

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