The relationship between love and celibacy within the Catholic Church is explored in new memoir

The relationship between love and celibacy within the Catholic Church is explored in new memoir

Human love is one of God’s most sacred gifts, but what happens when it comes to two people committed to their vows of celibacy?

In her engrossing memoir “The Nun and the Priest: Love, Celibacy and Passion,” Evelyn McLean Brady explores the memories, feelings, and growth she experienced with Hugh Brady, a Catholic priest she met as she was preparing to enter the Sisters of Mercy in Rochester, NY. Evelyn and Hugh’s story reinforces their commitment to their religious life, even as they both struggle to curb the growing affection they have for each other. The events take place during Vatican II, a time when the Catholic Church was undergoing seismic change.

What does human love mean within the context of the Catholic faith and inside the Church? Evelyn gracefully writes about the seasons of her relationship with Hugh, embedding her memories with poetry, prayer, and inspiration. Once the nun and the priest acknowledge the truth, they choose to be together within the teachings of the Catholic Church. However, it isn’t long before they must make a fateful (and faith-filled) decision that may alter their relationship together and impact their families and ministries.

“Stunning … a truly compelling style and voice (that) reaches the depths of human experience,” said award-winning author Christin Lore Weber (“Altar Music”) of the book.

Now, as the Catholic Church once again suffers from its response to sexual abuse, “The Nun and the Priest” is an affirmation of truth, love, and discernment for Catholics everywhere. Evelyn and Hugh’s story is an inspirational reminder that devotion to the Catholic faith can continue beyond the institution.

“The Nun and the Priest” is from No Frills Publishing and can be purchased at Amazon. Evelyn is available for book group discussions, interviews and appearance opportunities.