Building a brand from scratch

Building a brand from scratch

Building an audience and business from scratch is not easy. With Capen Media’s new Real Talk column, get a behind-the-scenes look on how to establish new goals online, and how to achieve them.

Here’s the first Real Talk: Capen Media is completely new, managed by one person, with no funding. The odds of success are against me, but it’s also an opportunity to put my results where my mouth is; to not only to talk the talk, but to walk it. I founded Capen Media to promote hard word, creativity and accountability, and that starts with me and “the brand.”

Will I make mistakes and miss goals? Yes, but every experience is a learning one, and we’ll keep moving forward to get better.

– Mark Ciemcioch, Capen Media

My goal: Build awareness, trust and authority for Capen Media as an online consultation brand, reaching 10,000 visits per month to the website by July 2022.

Last Month: I officially debuted Capen Media to the public with little fanfare. That’s to be expected, because every platform had a visitor and follower count of 0 on July 1. Here’s how our analytics looked for July:

Frankly put, this is terrible, but it gives me a baseline to move forward from. For August, I’m looking to get at least 200 visitors to the website. It’s also not a number to crow about, but it will double my audience in a month, and we’ll keep moving forward.

Next Steps: First of all, I installed Google Analytics on this site, developed on the WordPress platform, as it will provide more robust data for my purposes than the default WP settings. Google Analytics also has a mobile app I can customize and view anytime.

My current content strategy is to write one new column a week, so I will continue doing that. Now that I have a month’s worth of content already in the can, I will also look for ways to publish them again on social media, repurposing with new graphics where appropriate. Capen Media recently joined Pintrest, so it’s another new audience to expose the older content to.

Finally, I will consider my first paid campaign on Facebook to local small businesses in the second half of the month. I will look at my engagement numbers to see which content is performing best, and boost that page to a wider audience. My budget is only $20, but I will report how much it can expand my reach, as well as the results of the campaign.

Getting to 10,000 monthly visitors when you have numbers this low will be a challenge. I’ve worked and managed several different websites and social media platforms in the past where I’ve tripled audiences, so it’s possible, but I’ve never done it with an unknown, new brand. Will I make mistakes and miss goals? Yes, but every experience is a learning one, and we’ll keep moving forward to get better. We’ll find a way to achieve our goals.

Check back next month when I report on the progress of my online goal.